Party Clubs

Kids smiling together

Kids Love Parties!

Here is an opportunity to reach the children of your neigborhood no matter how heavy your schedule! This program will draw in even the most hard-to-reach child.

To help kids hear the way of salvation, a Party Club combines some elements of a Good News Club® in a party setting. It can be held once a month, several times a year or only once a year.

Child Evangelism Fellowship has prepared Party Club teaching kits on a number of themes, from Christmas and Easter to generic topics such as travel or a peanut party.

Each kit contains a complete party guide with a full-color visualized Gospel story, suggested games, songs, invitations, etc. Everything you need!

Why plan to have a neighborhood party for children?

You may find yourself in one of the following situations:

You are concerned about the terrible things happening to children and want to have a positive impact.

You've always wanted to begin a Good News Club® for your own children and their friends, but your time has not permitted a weekly commitment.

You've had a 5-Day Club® and you want to have a continued ministry to the children who attended.

Your church is involved in an extensive outreach program in church-family neighborhoods.

You'd like to hold a Party Club in several different neighborhoods to reach as many children as possible.

Whatever your circumstances, remember, it is God's desire that every child in your neighborhood, city and country knows the Savior.